Benefits Compliance Services: Stay Informed

One of the biggest hurdles to compliance is simply not being aware. Too often, companies fall into non-compliance by falling behind on the changing government regulations that affect the structure, management, and operations of employee benefits plans. At every milestone in an employee’s career – from hiring, to taking medical leave, to establishing a 401(k), to applying for COBRA – compliance issues will crop up and require your close attention.

We’ll Keep You Compliant

At Insurance Solutions, keeping you compliant is our ongoing mission. As part of our process, we offer alerts, webinars, and other continuing communication so that you’re always on top of the changing federal regulations that affect your organization. From engaging experts like an ERISA attorney to implementing specialized systems and tools, we stay with you the entire way. With our first-class customer service and hard-won expertise, you can confidently check compliance off your list.


  • Monthly Webinars: Some of the nation’s leading legal experts share compliance and labor laws knowledge. These webinars often include SPHR and PHR CE credits
  • Employer Compliance Alerts: These alerts keep you informed about changes in major health care law and potential violations; providing specific, actionable information about the issues that require action
  • Monthly Newsletters: Timely newsletters that provide general information on HR and benefits trends

QUARTERLY BENEFITS UPDATES: Stay on top of changing benefits news

  • HR Support: Our invaluable HR support program includes an HR hotline with licensed SPHR and PHR professionals; HR library with 1,000’s of forms, documents, and other tools; HR training with 200+ on-demand courses; as well as compliance alerts, HRCI webinars, and white papers.
  • Discounted Expert Legal Counsel: To answer your questions
  • PPACA Advisor: Timelines, guidance, and tools to help remain compliant. Learn more about our Healthcare Reform compliance tools and services >
  • Support: In-house expertise available whenever you need it
  • Access to a highly qualified ERISA attorney

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