Employee Communication and Education

Employee Benefits Administration: Break Through the Clutter

Benefit plans are changing and getting more complicated. So how do you communicate the true value of your benefits plans, when the meaning can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of enrollment forms and information overload?

Your Benefits Are Worth A Lot

Insurance Solutions can help provide streamlined employee benefits management and most importantly – effective communication. We offer portals, guides, and monthly newsletters that ensure your employees are properly educated. Our depth of benefits experience equips us to help your employees understand out of pocket expenses, as well as exactly how their plan works.

We can help you welcome new hires with attractive benefits materials. We help employees understand the value of the benefits their employer is providing. We’ll serve as your benefits team, on-site throughout the open enrollment process. We’ll collect all of the forms and develop a Customized Employee Benefits Center (EBC) Website for easy management of employees’ plans moving forward. In short, we’ll communicate the true value of your benefits plan. And that’s worth a lot.


  • Customized Benefit Guide: In plain English with bi-lingual support; Given to customers during open enrollment and during prospective employees’ interviews
  • Employee Benefit Center (EBC): A portal that keeps your employees informed and engaged regarding your benefit package
  • Employee Benefits Video Library: Vignettes that explain the basics and importance of a particular
benefit plan
  • Total Compensation Statements: Educates your employees about the value of their benefits
  • Satisfaction Surveys: Collects meaningful employee information online for quick analysis

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