Healthcare Reform

Putting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to Work for You

This is a time of tremendous flux in the healthcare market, as both providers and insurance companies try to adapt to a changing, tumultuous regulatory landscape. For the foreseeable future, the status quo will be “change.” So getting a grip on the new laws is increasingly important – as is recognizing that there will be ripples that continue to affect all players involved for years to come.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will directly affect your organization regardless of size or benefits offerings.

Change Has Created the Need for Change

The new laws have changed benefit plans, offerings, and rating structure. We’ve exhaustively studied the market since health care reform was first passed in 2010. We’ve successfully assisted clients through the January 2014 regulatory works and currently look ahead to implications and opportunities coming in January 2015.

Some topics include:

  • Age versus Composite Rating and its effect on both large and small employers
  • Pay or Play Analysis: What do you really have to offer, and to whom? What’s the best strategy for your company moving forward?
  • Metal Levels and Plan Design
  • Understanding to whom you need to offer coverage
  • Education and Compliance with the new required filings
  • Cadillac Tax: Are you preparing for 2018?

Just as important, we’ll educate you as we move through the year, with tools like newsletters, email updates, webinars, and regular briefings from our team. As a member of United Benefit Advisors®, we’re on the forefront of the regulatory changes, and we can use them to optimize your healthcare plans.


  • Pay or Play Analysis – Model different outcomes under the pay-or-play mandate to see cost implications for the 2014, 2015, and 2018 provisions
  • PPACA Compliance Tools – Check your current compliancy status up to the year 2018
  • PPACA Advisor – Timelines, guidance, and tools to help remain compliant

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