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Health Plan Benchmarking Survey

Each year, we furnish our clients with the largest, most comprehensive nationwide survey of employers, the Health Plan Benchmarking Survey. It analyzes data from over 10,000 employers sponsoring over 16,000 health plans nationwide – to give you the most highly detailed benchmarks and trends available.

Employer Webinar Series

In order to provide educational opportunities for human resource and benefits professionals, we offer our clients complimentary access to all webinars in the Employer Webinar Series. Topics are focused on HR-related tasks that require up-to-date knowledge of compliance and labor laws to help employers mitigate risk.

Human Resources Support

Navigating the demanding world of HR can be challenging for HR departments with limited staff and resources. Insurance Solutions has created a unique program to specifically support the needs of your HR department. We provide expert HR advice and answers to complex HR questions through a variety of resources.

Healthcare Reform Strategy

This is a time of tremendous flux in the healthcare market, as both providers and insurance companies try to adapt to a changing, tumultuous regulatory landscape. For the foreseeable future, the status quo will be “change.” So getting a grip on the new laws is increasingly important – as is recognizing that there will be ripples that continue to affect all players involved for years to come.